Queen’s Speech

6 September 2019

So why exactly is there still going to be a Queen’s Speech for a government that doesn’t even have a working majority? Just asking for a yank that doesn’t really understand British politics.


Trump out of China

23 August 2019

Who wants to bet Trump’s business empire immediately stopped doing business with China after he “ordered” U.S. companies to stop doing business with China? Anyone? Bueller?


6 August 2019

Why don’t States charge those who are responsible for inhumane treatment of minors in custody? It should not matter that they are undocumented migrants, they still are covered by State child welfare laws. Also, since the actions are not protected at the Federal level, the perpetrators cannot say they have immunity from State prosecution. They need to be held accountable for their illegal actions.

End of Roe is not really their desired end

2 July 2019

Why do people keep saying conservatives are trying to overturn Roe vs Wade? They aren’t trying to overturn Roe vs Wade, they are trying to control women as if they were property. It won’t be sufficient, in their eyes, to just overturn Roe vs Wade as that would still allow a woman’s right to control their healthcare in nearly half the states. So let’s remember the real goal here and fight to allow all women, everywhere, the right to the healthcare they desire.

Rising Rivers

2 June 2019

I wonder if politicians think ‘thoughts and prayers’ works as well for preventing flooding as it does for gun violence. Yeah, they probably do.

Just remember, you get what you vote for.

Water, water everywhere

31 May 2019

Two things:

1) The extreme weather events around the country should really be telling you something but it seems most don’t care to listen.

2) We should be doing more to store excess water both as a way to curb flooding but also to provide during the drier extreme weather events.

My Apologies

21 May 2019

Not that really any one is here that often but I have decided to delete most of my posts.

In Memoriam

31 July 2018

Today Oliver was released from the ravages of cancer to go on endless walks, peeing on every tree, dandelion, and hydrant, chasing unfortunately slow squirrels and rabbits, intermixed with barking away UPS trucks and eating as much pizza off the table as he wants. We, saddened mortals, keep his spirit alive in our hearts and memories of our beautiful, wonderful companion.

And another one gone

15 June 2016

Our beloved feline Lucy had to make the trip over the rainbow bridge today, taking with her part of our heart. She goes to be with her best friend Julius who we have all missed for a couple years now. Our home is left that much more empty without them. I will cherish my memories as I hope you all do for your loved ones.


But yeah, it is hard to not just keep crying.

For Julius

10 April 2014

2305_1091048990033_4329_n For all and ever he has done

From chasing his tail till his tail won


For the sparkle in his emerald eyes

So deep a green they do surprise


For the softness of his orange coat

All inspired me these lines I’ve wrote


But most of all, his whole family would agree

The snuggles were the best they could be