Web Host Agents

17 February 2019

Web Host Agents of 228 Park Ave. S #49828, New York, New York 10003-1502 is morally corrupt capitalist corporation. They do not deserve your business. In fact, they should shunned by all.

Why, you ask, they send out a letter that looks just like an invoice. Sure, somewhere they write “This is a solicitation” and “not a bill” but only in the fine print. They are hoping that the receiver doesn’t read the whole letter and sends in a payment to line their greedy pockets. I hope everyone who works for them finds themselves unemployed and bankrupt just like their soles are bankrupt of human decency.

No, I didn’t fall for their scam. I could have just left it at that. But they deserve my indignation and this blog post.


Mitch McConnell’s Shutdown

11 January 2019

I don’t know why they are calling it Trump’s shutdown or the Democrats shutdown when it is Mitch McConnell’s Senate that has refused to pass or even to debate a funding bill this session. Even the very funding bill that Mitch McConnell allowed to pass the Senate last year and passed the House as their first action this session is blocked from a vote in the Senate not by Trump but by Mitch McConnell. His apathy to the pain being felt by so many people again demonstrates he is unfit to serve in any elected position.


25 December 2018

A new word to describe the last year.

Wishing everyone a less trumpultuous new year.

Merry Christmas to all.

Make Railway Great Again

12 August 2018

A new president takes over control of the railway promising the stockholders that he is going to make the railway great again. He promises he is going to make the biggest engine ever, it will be the fastest train ever and it will be the best run train ever. He picks managers to run his train who have never operated a train before but they had lots of experience being rich. On the maiden run, he wants the train to go faster and the managers comply by burning more fuel even though it will mean there isn’t enough fuel to reach their destination. When he wants to go even faster the staff says the train is too heavy to go faster so he orders them to kick off all the third class passengers “they don’t deserve to be on the train anyway”. When the engineers tell him the train is going too fast for the tracks he kicks them off the train. When the scientists warn him that the train will jump the tracks at the next turn he also kicks them off the train. When the journalists report that the train has jumped the tracks and has started heading down a cliff towards sharp rocks, he calls them fake news and throws them off the train as well. His friends in first class salute his strong leadership. Meanwhile, all the other railway companies are glad they aren’t on the same track.

In Memoriam

31 July 2018

Today Oliver was released from the ravages of cancer to go on endless walks, peeing on every tree, dandelion, and hydrant, chasing unfortunately slow squirrels and rabbits, intermixed with barking away UPS trucks and eating as much pizza off the table as he wants. We, saddened mortals, keep his spirit alive in our hearts and memories of our beautiful, wonderful companion.

Approval of What?

18 June 2018

Can someone explain to me how the president currently has an approval rating approaching 50%? Who are they? People who like to see babies pulled from their mothers? People who like to see a trade war? People who don’t like net neutrality? People who like to see more air and water pollution? People who want more predatory lending? People who like their elected officials to lie to other foriegn leaders as well as us? People who want unmanageable national debt to pay for tax breaks for the rich? People who like criminals in office? Maybe the polls are just among white supremacists.

Presidential Lies

15 June 2018

In my life, it started with “I don’t recall” – at the time accepted as one of those little white lies that politicians and criminals both use. But how has it progressed to where we are now? It seems every day there is a presidential lie either on Twitter or in a news conference. Almost as if the statement itself is sufficient to turn falsehood into truth by shear force of ego. Sure, you will always have partison rancor accusing the other party of a lie. But this is now different, some of the lies are not even political in nature. Contradictory evidence is labeled as fake news to cover even the most ridiculous of falsehood. I see this regularly in a five year old but I seriously cannot see how so many ignore it in their president. Furthermore, why don’t we hold the position of President to a higher, not lower, standard when it comes to truthfulness? What some people are willing to accept to “win” is beyond my understanding and maybe that is part of why the Democratic party is at the lowest point in decades.

Yeah, Guns

22 April 2018

Kid goes into restricted space at White House, gets gun license and guns (yes plural and including the famous AR-15 style) taken away by Feds. Feds give guns to kid’s dad. Kid’s dad decides kid has right to guns, says so in the 2nd Amendment after all, and gives guns back to kid. Kid, while naked it seems, kills 4 people at Waffle House with one of those guns. I truly hope he is found before he hurts anyone else.

But the true villan here, the person that should be charged, is the dad. The law should make him, as the guns were his responsibility, fully culpable for all four homicides. The last legal owner for each gun, wether it be the manufacturer, dealer, straw buyer or stupid dad, should be as guilty of the crime as the person who pulled the trigger. Then maybe people will properly secure their weapons and not give them to obviously psychotic kids.

Opinion of Robert Mueller

17 April 2018

Why exactly would one have a negative opinion of Robert Mueller? Should they not instead have a negative opinion of the people his team have indicted? Robert Mueller is just doing the job he was appointed to do. It is typical shoot the messenger when you don’t like the message mentality. It would be so much better if we could all be as upset with actual illegal activity as some are currently with Robert Mueller. I certainly hope we have not become so desensitized to corruption.

I don’t know Robert Mueller personally but from what I’ve read he seems to be as fair a prosecutor as they come. I certainly hope he is allowed to prove that to all of us.

Gear Fit 2 and the missing floors

6 January 2018

Months ago my smart watch stopped being so smart when it came to floor counting. Weeks would go by with 0 floors even though I live in a 2-story house. I figured it was a bad software update that redefined a floor to just more than a typical home floor. But no, it wasn’t something so sinister. Instead it was something more basic, I’d forgotten to clean my watch. Or, more accurately, I didn’t realize I needed to. Seems that they hid the hole for the barometer, which it uses to determine altitude changes (ie. floors climbed), under where the strap connects to the watch body. Now I can’t say there was much to clean, but after a cleaning it registered 2 of 2 flights of stairs climbed after going weeks of measuring nothing. Cleaning, yeah, didn’t expect something like that.