Rupert Potter

18 April 2023

There needs to be a meme of Rupert Murdoch having to write “I must not tell lies”…

Investment Opportunity

2 March 2023

Not really, I have no intention of commercializing this. But here is the wacky idea:

You know all those box stores with shelves too high to reach? Why not use that space to grow hydroponic vegetables? There is already lighting and temperature control. It should only take a small amount of water and maintenance making the incremental cost of operation fairly small. Grocery stores seem like a good start but also home improvement stores and department stores. Seems like it could be a great “green” advertising opportunity for them. Just need a company to offer a plug and grow kit.


I’m Indebted to You

20 January 2023

Okay, novel idea. While the Federal government is unable to raise debt then reduce payments to each state by a fixed $500 Million per month per state. I think the states are still on the hook for paying for projects in their state so they will have to use surplus funds to keep those projects going till Congress comes to a new agreement on debt and budget. The states get equal representation in the Senate, they should get equal distribution of the debt pain. I think a bunch of states would be pushing for an agreement sooner rather than later.

But isn’t he President?

16 January 2023

Biden is currently the President of the United States of America. So it seems to me it is perfectly legal for him to currently possess classified documents. Also, isn’t the Republican outrage about it tacit agreement that it was wrong for Trump to have documents? Seems to me they are going to cause more problems for Trump than for Biden by pushing this narrative. If I was Trump or Trump supporters I’d be saying ‘hey, seems to me that if it was okay for Biden then it must be okay for me since he did it first’.

Garland and the DoJ

9 August 2022

You know what I would do, I’d let the Republicans investigate the Mar-a-lago warrant. Right now. Let them find nothing rather than let them make something out of it for the next 3 months. DoJ isn’t going to prosecute in the next 3 months but an investigation revealing the crime now would be way worse for Republicans. In fact, I think AG Garland should just go over to Congress and let them ask away.

Okay let’s call it a duck

9 May 2022

How about the west claims that there are Nazis in Ukraine and that they too will do a special military action and occupy the east of Ukraine. Fill in after each Ukraine advance. Twist the lies into truths and save lives at a reduced cost.

Whose war is it anyway?

23 March 2022

I keep hearing Ukraine war on the news as if Ukraine is to blame for the war. It isn’t Ukraine’s war. It is a war in Ukraine but it is Russia’s war. I know it adds a couple words but it places blame where blame is due. So say it with me:

Russia’s war in Ukraine

Of course we can talk about the Ukraine suffering. We can hope for peace in Ukraine. But, in the end, it will be up to Russia to stop this tragedy.


19 March 2022

If their morale is really low then offer them money to surrender. Say $25,000 if they surrender without a fight. More if they surrender equipment. In the end you would save money versus the cost of more weapons and the destruction caused by fighting.


7 March 2022

If you think he’s willing to use nuclear weapons if you go in there and defend Ukrainian territory then why wouldn’t he also use nuclear weapons if the ukrainians defend Ukrainian territory? If you think he’s crazy enough to use nuclear weapons at all then the world really needs to be doing something more than just sanctions. Appeasement of insane dictators never leads to good things.

Ice cream

14 February 2022

I’m really surprised that there aren’t more puddles of ice cream in the fridge. I mean, you really expect a brain in the middle of the night, gorged on ice cream, to remember it goes back in the freezer? Must be luck or the fact that the containers are empty by the time I’m done.