A New TV and I Learn About HD Cables

I did finally buy a new TV. The problem I talked about previously was resolved by a store manager calling me later in the week. I got a new TV delivered on Sunday, December 14th. It was hooked up in time to watch my football team loose another game they could have won.

Hooking the new TV to the set of older equipment that I have was an interesting task. The DVD player is connected via component cables while the DVR is connected using a video cable. The RF (coaxial) cable resulted in a low signal message. I expected to use HDMI, but sadly I have no equipment with a HDMI output. I only learned that after I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what cable I needed to get a HD signal. The S-Video also did not work. So it is time to go to Time Warner and get a HD cable box to solve multiple problems with the old DVR and also to be able to see a full HD signal on the TV. Eventually I will need to upgrade the DVD player, but so far I have been happy with the quality.

We watched Iron Man, Lord of the Rings, and The Kingdom on the new TV so far. Iron man was good. The special effects in LofR are starting to seem dated, but I still like the movie. The Kingdom seemed rather poorly written, but the special effects were nice. Lots of cool explosions.

I was going to post a picture of the TV, but the pictures I took do not do the TV justice.

In other news, Laura is a little under the weather. I hope she feels better soon.

JJ is back on a little diet after he was caught in a bag of cat food. Actually, he was in the plastic bag that held sample bags of cat food. The only reason he was caught is because he was stuck in the bag and made so much noise trying to get out that Laura went to check on him. I am glad he got over the trauma. It seems that JJ had been supplementing his diet in whatever way he could and now needs to loose a little weight again.

Lucy is having problems with her eyes. There is a lot of junk forming under her eyes every day now. In good news, she and Oliver seem to be getting along better. They even sniffed each other without either making a sound of complaint.


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