Keep (city) Strong

A local group calling themselves “Keep (insert city name) Strong” is campaigning to stack the school board with people who want to lower school taxes with the stated plan of lowering teacher pay and reducing school services. This same group fights to lower property taxes in other ways too. I gather they don’t think beyond the short term property tax relief. When you have worse schools and less services you get a weak housing market. Property values fall and those left in their McMansions will end up having to pay a greater share of the taxes while their mortgage goes underwater again. If you really want a strong city you have to double down on the investment in good teachers, nice parks, infrastructure, public health and safety, etc. Somehow greed and apathy clouds the obvious.


One Response to “Keep (city) Strong”

  1. brittscharringhausen Says:

    I don’t get why they don’t realize that if they torpedo public schools, they’re going to have to live with that uneducated, unemployable population. Same for the idiots who say, “I don’t have kids, why should I have to pay taxes for schools.”

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