Searching the Internet about WiFi Speed

The cable internet service provider, of customer service infamy, offered faster internet at no additional charge. No additional charge seemed like a good enough deal so I signed up. It would be months later, with no noticeable improvement in WiFi speeds in the house, that I did the important test. One we should all do:

Check the speed of the modem wired directly to a computer.

Then I got 90 Mbps. But on WiFi, never better than 20 Mbps and sometimes so bad it seemed that I was back on dialup.

The router said it could do 300 Mbps so it can’t be the problem, right? What does the internet say? Interference, put in a repeater; or bad cable between the modem and router; or peak congestion, retest in the middle of the night; or wrong setting slowing down the router; or, my favorite, encryption is causing the slow down, remove the security and it will be faster.

Of course the best lies have just enough truth to be believed. Any of those could have been true, but nope. 300 Mbps was just the kind of false advertising that confuses and deceives those who don’t dig deep enough into the details. I’m the one who fell for it too. That whole ‘up to’ should have tipped me off. That and also the computer kept telling me it was a 75 Mbps connection to the router.

I just needed a new router. Once I replaced the router the WiFi speed was nearly as fast as being connected directly to the modem.

While normally the internet is really good about answering these kinds of questions, it really didn’t provide the simple answer in this case without a lot of searching. An old N router, even though it says it can do up to 300 Mbps, really won’t get you more than 20 Mbps on WiFi. Now 20 Mbps is more than what you need for almost anything – well one anything, you really don’t have as much as you think once you start splitting that pie up between all the WiFi connected crap we have these days.

So the answer is, if you have fast internet being anything over 20 Mbps, make sure your router is less than two years old first. Likely that is what is slowing down your WiFi.


One Response to “Searching the Internet about WiFi Speed”

  1. Dennis the Vizsla Says:

    hello muddledblog its dennis the vizsla dog hay my dada sez “speeds up to 300Mbps” is the saym thing as “prices starting at 9.99” wotever that meens!!! ok bye

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