Unconscious Ludicrous Rambling

Last night my unconscious mind decided to entertain me with what had to be the most ludicrous story. It had a title ‘a stitch in time’ about a bunch of hobgoblins and their leader who can slow time for everyone else while they rob. The protagonist was named Eli who repaired pottery for a living. It all took place in the early 19th century. Eli had invented a steam powered car and used steam power in his shop and somehow could sense the villains presence. He was able to tie the villain so they were stuck in real time at which point they exploded for no apparent reason. But at least it had title.

Then, as an encore, my mind gave me an episode of X-Files about a group of mutated hillbillies who live off sucking electricity and are only caught when the owner of the house they were syphoning from dies unexpectedly which results in the electricity being turned off and their frantic attempts to access new source or hilariously try to make their own.


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