Emails and Servers

So your saying that a bunch of people, senators and other political leaders, received emails from and sent emails to the Secretary of State’s private email server without worrying about it for many years and then they all decide, long after she was no longer in the position, to criticize her for using that very same private email server. Why, exactly, did they not have a problem with it in 2008?

I doubt Clinton set up or even knew to suggest setting up a private email server. Someone else made that suggestion. The idea would then have been checked by others for legal and technical ramifications and again no one had a problem with the plan in 2008.

Political expediency, pure and simple. It makes people like Gingrich and Guilliani, who would waste their breath on baseless accusations rather than productive policy discussion, look like untrustworthy used car salesmen. Trump by himself is a joke, the really scary people are those around Trump who either act or believe otherwise.


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