A Political Post

Dearest friends, family and others who may venture here,

If you have voted, thank you. If you have not voted, please do. Don’t let apathy, long lines, unpleasant people at (or in) polling places, or belief your vote doesn’t matter prevent practicing your right to vote. Voting helps strengthen our democracy and prevent radicalization of the political process. The more people who vote then the harder it is to buy an election and the less likely someone would try.

Aside from my belief in the need for everyone to practice their right to vote, I do have a preference for who people vote for. So, I apologize that the rest of this post will be partisan.

I have heard, even from people who voted Democratic in many previous elections, that Hillary cannot be trusted, has broken the law, and/or gotten people killed because. I fear some of their reaction is sexist but even for those that are not I challenge these reasons for allowing Trump to be president.

For one, while Hillary has released tens of thousands of emails and decades of tax returns, Trump has actually deleted emails he was ordered to turn over by a judge, refused to release tax returns and withheld payments to contactors and others till he he lost the case in court.

Secondly, while Hillary has not actually been indicted for any crime, and even been cleared by Republican controlled congressional investigations, Trump, and companies under his direct control, have been convicted of crimes. He has, in his own words, committed crimes including sexual harassment which by itself should disqualify him.

Third, the only leaders who support Trump are Russia’s Putin and North Korea’s Kim Jung Un. Not what any reasonable supporter of democracy would consider leaders they would want to rule them. Leaders who have come out in support of Hillary are too numerous to mention. Even a majority of business leaders have come out in favor of Hillary citing Trump’s vast history of bankruptcies and poor investment decisions on top of his sexism, racism, bigotry, and intolerance.

Lastly, Hillary did not cause the death of an ambassador or his guards. The link related to embassy security isn’t even likely to cover a consulate location like Benghazi and, further more, the addition of another guard or two would just have meant two more deaths. Religious extremists bent on killing Americans are responsible for the deaths, as they still are today and have been since at least the 70’s.

The election of Hillary as president should be heralded as an example of progress against sexism. People should stream into the streets and fireworks should fill the sky in celebration of breaking the highest of glass ceilings. She is qualified to be president so much more than Trump that there really cannot be a comparison. So please, if you have not voted, go vote and seriously consider Hillary for president.


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