I am a liberal and I am a moderate.

I actually do not think than any one or even two descriptors can define a person’s politics, but this way seemed to follow the theme set in religion. My support of pro-choice, gun control, social justice, and environment seem to be liberal views but I have been told that I am not a true liberal. However, that may just be because of the environment in which I live. I think it is my support of intellectual property rights and my lack of support of labor unions seem to be moderate views that keep me from being a true liberal.

There are so many issues to cover here and I hope to cover as many of them as I can although the air gets very thin when you stand on such a high soap box.

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4 Responses to “Politics”

  1. Peter Says:

    So here is a question that I am always confused by. Why do people oppose labor unions? And by that, I mean “why do people who aren’t business owners oppose labor unions”? like, yeah, unions can certainly be corrupt, but everything can be corrupt (and usually is)–that doesn’t mean that the concept is flawed. Just that people are stupid. I mean, like, government is wildly corrupt too, but I’m not opposed to the idea of a government. Why would I be opposed to the idea of organized labor just ’cause it is often corrupt?

    I mean, I understand why conservatives oppose labor unions. And why big business opposes labor unions. But I can’t for the life of me ever understand why folks who work for a living oppose labor unions on an absolute level. Often, I’ll see folks who are mad that other people are supported by unions, and their complaint is “Well, my job sucks and I have no union to help me out, so why should anyone else?”, which strikes me as backwards logic, but at least logic I can see the (flawed) basis of. For my money, I’d figure that everyone who ever had a boss ever would be wildly in support of labor unions. Where did it all go wrong?

    -Peter (who did write a letter in support of the dog park 🙂

  2. muddledblog Says:

    In truth it is rather that I don’t support them rather than I oppose them. I would not support any laws preventing the rights for labor to organize, but I will shop at companies that use non-union labor.

    Why do I not support labor unions? Because I was once written up for moving a ladder. Turns out that moving ladders was a union only job and I was not part of the union. Of course to get a union employee to move the ladder required paper work and a lot of time that only results in loss of productivity.

  3. Peter Says:

    Well, sure. That is stupid. Stupid things happen in every situation where stupid things can happen. Again, like, our government is nothing *but* writing us up for moving ladders. But still, I support the idea of government. Even though governments are, well, generally overflowing with the stupid. ‘Cause government *in theory* (go on…), is a good idea, and generally does more good than not. Just like labor unions. At least for my money 🙂

  4. muddledblog Says:

    Organized labor unions have done many great things vastly improving working conditions for union and non-union employee alike. No argument there.

    Take a look at Wegmans, which is non-union but is listed as one of the top places to work for, voted best grocery store by Food Network, and one of the most ethical companies by Ethisphere Magazine. Do you think Wegmans employees need to organize into a union? If I was a union supporter I would say yes – those 35,000 employees need to. I am not a union supporter so I don’t think they need to.

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