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Which is More Important?

5 January 2012

Cute pet pictures, cute baby pictures, or long boring political rants?

Okay how about this for an answer:

My son’s Grandma makes my son push her cat around in a stroller


My Son Is Born

18 November 2010

He says hi to the world.

Being A Dad to Be

16 May 2010

There are a lot of things to learn about being a dad to be and one of the most interesting ones is learning to cook food that doesn’t cause your wife to throw up. Morning sickness basically eliminated frying from the menu and that was about all I could do even half decently. No pan fried tofu. No pasta sauce. No frittata. No onions period. So I learned how to make pasta sauce in the microwave. Turns out pretty good actually. Tomatoes, butter, spices, herbs, seasonings, etc. You also have to be prepared to make food much more often and much faster than my typical speed. It would normally take me 45 minutes to make a meal and now I try to do it in half that time. The side effect is forgetting something, like Parmesan for the pasta. There really needs to be a father to be cookbook. Maybe there is one. There seems to be every other style of cookbook, some with very dubious recipes.