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And another one gone

15 June 2016

Our beloved feline Lucy had to make the trip over the rainbow bridge today, taking with her part of our heart. She goes to be with her best friend Julius who we have all missed for a couple years now. Our home is left that much more empty without them. I will cherish my memories as I hope you all do for your loved ones.


But yeah, it is hard to not just keep crying.


For Julius

10 April 2014

2305_1091048990033_4329_n For all and ever he has done

From chasing his tail till his tail won


For the sparkle in his emerald eyes

So deep a green they do surprise


For the softness of his orange coat

All inspired me these lines I’ve wrote


But most of all, his whole family would agree

The snuggles were the best they could be

Empty Chair

7 April 2014

There is an empty chair
I know a cat was once there
The fur that he shed
Has turned it to orange from red
His absence makes my heart dispair

An Ode to Julius

6 April 2014

There was an orange cat
Tabby, slightly fat
He purred so loud
He shed a cloud
Now gone just like that

A Cat’s Where

5 April 2014

This is where he soaked in the sun
This is where he slept on the sofa
This is where he frolicked with family
This is where he purred so proudly
This is where he was last night
And this is where he died


Julius, we miss you lots.

In Memoriam

3 April 2014


One soul’s glow
Dim, dimmer, a flicker, normally loud now quietest purr, gone
Even the sky mourned
Reflections still shine brightly in those who knew him


Which is More Important?

5 January 2012

Cute pet pictures, cute baby pictures, or long boring political rants?

Okay how about this for an answer:

My son’s Grandma makes my son push her cat around in a stroller

A Public Service Announcement

3 April 2011

Plastic bags are dangerous!

Your curious cat might get their head stuck in the handle and while cute does not make the cat happy. So make sure to properly recycle your plastic bags. Or better yet, use a nice cloth tote such as this:

Because There Just Has Not Been Enough Dog Pictures

28 January 2011

Happy New Year with Cats

2 January 2011

Julius trying to pull the sunlight up

2010 was a big year. I relocated, I got married, I opened my own office, I sold my house, and biggest of all my son was born. 2011 looks to be an even better year watching my son grow, start crawling, walking, etc.

I hope everyone had a good 2010 and I wish you all the very best in 2011.