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Nap Time

19 December 2010

Makes me want to take a nap too.


Baking Buns and Glucosamine

6 November 2010

Today I bit the bullet, wait that is a very weird expression… Let’s try again.

Today, getting over my fear, I used the stand mixer for the first time. I was making buns and it just seemed like the best way to mix and knead the ingredients would be with the stand mixer. Unlike many of the breads I have made before, the buns had a very short rise time. So sufficient kneading was important. The recipe was again from King Arthur. It was really easy and by golly produced some tasty buns. It was also about time for me to stop being afraid of the stand mixer. The ingredients were 3.25 cups of flour, 1 cup of water, 2 tbs of butter, 1/4 cup of sugar, 1 tsp of salt, 1 egg, and 1 tbs of instant yeast. I decided to melt the butter but that was not specifically stated in the recipe. I also only have active dry yeast. I really should have put it in warm water before adding it to the mix, I had to extend the rise and add some warmth to get the buns to puff up.

Now for this next bit I have to say that I am not a Veterinarian nor do I play one on T.V. Our cat Lucy was showing signs of joint pain. She wouldn’t jump, run, or really move very fast like she used to. Sounds like old age, but she is only around 10. Many Veterinarians suggested giving her Glucosamine and Chondroitin and so we finally did a couple weeks ago. We bought soft flavored treats that had Glucosamine and Chondroitin and added two to her food bowl once a day. Lucy is a picky eater and so we were worried she wouldn’t eat them. They must be tasty because she always eats them. After a week or so we noticed an improvement. She is more active, jumpier, and happier than she has been. Of course there may be many other reasons for her improvement. To me it seems like Glucosamine and Chondroitin help. As Consumer Reports recently stated on NPR, maybe we should all be taking Glucosamine and Chondroitin. In the end though the only important thing is that Lucy is happy.

Pet Problems

16 October 2010

Poor dog is so itchy that he has twisted his ankle from itching himself. We are not exactly sure what is the problem, but the basic situation is that he is allergic to something. The last trip to the vet to figure that out cost us $400 and didn’t cure anything. A regular antihistamine seems to help, but we have decided to try a limited ingredient dog food based on multiple suggestions. No more human treats for him for a week. Starting after his doggy ice cream cone he got for his birthday.

Lucy has also been feeling bad. Her joints must really hurt her so we have decided to get her some glucosamine. We hope that she will eat the treats and that they help her joints. For a week after she got an anti-inflammatory shot (another $400 vet trip) she was jumping all over the place like she was years younger. The rest of the time she would rather climb up or meow till you pick her up to wherever she wants to be. The actual reason we took her to the vet was because she was acting very anxious. The last time she acted that way it took a long time to figure out that the cure was Prozac. All we wanted from the vet was Prozac to help her. We did not get Prozac but instead got that very expensive shot and some drops that seemed to make her sick.

I don’t like that vet. I guess I have only myself to blame for going there more than once. It is definitely time to get a new vet.

A Lucy Moment

16 September 2010

… clean … clean … clean …

Something doesn’t feel right

I think someone is looking at me

Oh … I didn’t notice you there when I sat down … now if you don’t mind I have some more cleaning to do

Something is Missing

31 May 2010

I put up a dog fence a couple months ago and it looked like this:

I thought it was a good dog fence till Oliver was not there one day. The fence looked intact so it took a little surreptitious observation (he wouldn’t do it if we were watching) to discover he was in fact pushing himself through at the bottom of the fence. So I rehung the fence lower to the ground. That didn’t stop him. So I put clips on the bottom and then stakes and finally he could no longer go under the fence. But there was this wide world out there calling him and where there is a will there is a way:

He basically chewed on the fence till he got a hole big enough for him to fit through. Damn 16 gauge welded wire fence wasn’t strong enough.

So now the fence has been removed and the dog run rehung. I do not know if even the dog run will be enough to hold him.

Today is memorial day. My father was in the military as was my brother. We never really cared much about the military aspect of memorial day when I was a kid. I care more about it now and feel sorry that there are so many young families who have to spend this day without a parent or a child.

Another aspect of memorial day is missing today. This is the first time in 12 years that I am not having a memorial day BBQ. On the other hand, I do not have to worry about not having enough food or if anyone will come. I hope my friends in Ithaca are still getting together for a BBQ today.

Universal Balance Restored?

27 May 2010

I mentioned a while back about how Oliver saved the life of a chipmunk. Well it seem the universal balance has been somewhat restored. Today Oliver took the life of a chipmunk that would otherwise have lived a long and happy (dog chased) life. The chipmunk, in a tragic move, decided to check out Oliver’s water bowl. When Oliver noticed the chipmunk he lunged for it. This action sent the water bowl flying and it sadly landed on top of the chipmunk shattering not only the ceramic bowl but also the body of the poor chipmunk.

I am not sure if Oliver understands what he did as he kept looking for the chipmunk around the yard so as to continue the chase while the body of the chipmunk lay motionless among the shards of the ceramic bowl. Poor chipmunk. Oliver, in his own way, will miss you and we are all sorry for your untimely demise.

How Much for that Cat in the Window

21 May 2010

The one with the waggly tail…

Not for sale. But the beans are 50% off.

Lucy At Work

9 May 2010

Lucy spends a good portion of the day training humans on how to pet her and she demands perfection. Here she is training me to pet her under the chin. I seem to have been doing it right. There is also the petting between the ears, along the back and those at the upper training levels get to learn belly rubs. She also has location training, like on the bed, on the floor just out of reach of where you were sitting, behind you on the couch, and so on. The hardest part is the early morning drills. She makes sure you are up good and early for those.

Oliver Feels Like a New Dog

8 May 2010

This past week Laura, even though she was not feeling well, took Oliver to day care and grooming. Oliver really needed it too. I am certain he feels better to not have that thick coat heading into the warm weather. I do not know the last time Oliver had such short hair.

His hair being short really shows the different patches of color he has. Now he looks more like a Beagle crossed with a Boxer than a miniature St. Bernard. Here, as he often is when sitting still, he is waiting for permission to eat something.

Lucy Examines Her Domain

7 May 2010

Turns out she is also a Cornell University Alumni.