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Making America 1950 Again

4 July 2016

Donald Trump’s popularity demonstrates that there still an underlying bigotry that permeates a mostly white male population. But more than that, foreigners, Canadians even, who suggested support for Sanders have said they prefer Trump to Clinton. Are they also bigots or do they just not hear most of what Trump says? I’m not surprised that there is still bigotry, only sad that so many people are acting out on it. Also sad so many seem to ignore how much of a bigot Trump is, if that is instead their excuse.


Their Hobby is Religious Fundamentalism

6 July 2014

The owners of Hobby Lobby objects on religious grounds to providing emergency contraceptives and IUDs. They can object all they want but the government has the right to define what is acceptable business practices including what qualifies for health insurance. It is no different than the government specifying laws on any other aspect of public safety, environmental protection, and taxes. But it isn’t just a law, it isn’t just insurance, it is also an issue of women’s rights. These products are one way for a woman to control her own body in a world where they might not otherwise be able to prevent pregnancy including the failure of a man to use a condom during consensual sex or worse rape. The way the owners of Hobby Lobby are trying to limit a woman’s rights should be unacceptable to everyone.


6 September 2013

Four months ago I proudly welcomed my second son to the family. I say this somewhat to explain the long absence of posts since then. Not that I have a regular following waiting on my every word, I don’t have any delusions in that regard. But Dennis might not have known and now he can if he still happens by.

I don’t think the pets have taken it well. At first Oliver wanted to eat the baby, or at least chew on it, but now Oliver mostly gives us the sad eyes that he isn’t getting enough walks.  Lucy may have diabetes or kidney failure (with the vet suggesting we hope for diabetes) or just emotional issues with the changes – we will know more next week. Julius’s problem is not with the baby but with the older boy who chases him trying to spit on him – I really am not sure where that came from other than the warped mind of a two year old.

Ah the joys of fatherhood. But you know what, I feel really lucky every time I look at their faces. I hope you all have someone who gives you the same joy.

Also, happy new year. It is now the year 5774. At least for those watching the Jewish calendar.

Oliver Ready for Summer

14 May 2013

Oliver Summer Trim

Oliver got a nice trim for summer. Happy dog. Little does he know the changes that are about to happen, the bliss of the infant becoming a toddler will be shattered with a newborn starting it all over again.

To Kill or Not to Kill

5 April 2013

In general I don’t approve of the death penalty but I have to admit that I can envision scenarios where I would want someone dead (if someone harmed my wife or son for instance). Maybe that is the difference, wanting someone dead versus supporting the state’s right to terminate a life. Sometimes I think the movie “No Escape” had the right idea. For the worst offenders with no chance of rehabilitation just ship them off to an island somewhere and let nature take its course. I am sure that would qualify as cruel and unusual and would be horribly prone to mistakes. Though I imagine that Holmes would not last long there.

In the end I think that the prosecutors should have accepted the plea for life in prison saving the tax-payers money and the victims families a lot of grief reliving the events now and again through all of the legal appeals. Let Holmes himself fall into obscurity, decaying in some prison cell.

In the mean time we really need to have a conversation about guns. Here are two things I have come to believe: 1) we are never going to prevent murder through legislation (people will find ways to kill other people with or without a law designed to keep them from a gun) and 2) if the right to own a gun is protected by the constitution (something I don’t agree with) then no law is going to prevent bad people from having guns. The best thing I can see gun laws do is reduce the potential carnage from any one person which means eliminating high capacity ammunition clips. That is where I would push legislation first. Though I still agree with background checks and waiting periods and such, I just don’t see them as being as useful. The other thing I would suggest is more gun locks, maybe even built into the gun.

Oliver Kills Again

28 March 2013

Oliver has not actually killed, but through his actions more than one small creature has died. The latest event happened last night when near dusk Oliver agitated to go outside acting like there was something in the backyard. Something I didn’t see but figured if there was something it would be fast enough to escape. I should note that the backyard is surrounded by a 6′ privacy fence with barely enough gap to allow a small cat in or out. But there are trees for say a chipmunk or squirrel to climb. Oliver bolted out the door to the back corner so fast that he slid into the fence when he tried to turn and in that moment had grabbed something in his mouth that flung around with him against the fence. From the white fluff I was sure he had killed a rabbit probably from a heart attack as they are prone to suffer. When I finally got out there, Oliver still standing over the still pray I realized it was a possum. I am not fond of possum. Not moving but also not visibly injured there was a good chance this possum was just playing dead. I corralled the dog into the house and hoped for the best in terms of the still animal. Later that night I did find that the possum was gone. But I did say that something had died in this event and that was a young Joey that must have been thrown from the pouch during the short encounter. I saw it laying there squirming next to the still mother and I found it still laying there, now dead, when I went out later that night.
My dog isn’t a real violent dog, at least that is what I believe, but there is a chipmunk, possibly a rabbit, and now a possum who think otherwise. No matter what I think of possum, it still saddened me to see that little dead creature.

To Drone On

6 March 2013

So rather than keep our law enforcement men and women out of harms way by using drones to target terrorists inside the U.S., a certain Republican senator thinks it best to prevent the use of drones inside the U.S. Who exactly is he trying to protect? I guess the terrorists over our law enforcement men and women. What does that make the senator?

2013 Hamantaschen

24 February 2013

2013 Hamantaschen

Same recipe as last year. Turned out well. I have to remember to flatten the dough a little before putting it into the fridge to cool otherwise it is really hard to roll. Wife and son helped especially with the filling.

Guns Rights?

18 January 2013

I have been following the discussion on gun rights and find one of the gun lobby arguments to be very frustrating. An interviewer will ask a gun rights interviewee why shouldn’t guns be licensed like cars? The response always is that the right to own a gun is in the constitution but not the right to own a car. That is really stupid logic. So you don’t have a right to anything not specified in the constitution? How about air? You don’t have a right to air? How about walking? You don’t have a right to walk? Why doesn’t anyone take them to task on the stupidity of their argument and I am not even getting into the part about gun rights versus what the 2nd amendment actually says.

Also, would a gun rights interviewee please answer the question as to why they need high capacity ammunition clips? Everyone I have seen asked that question always deflects and again they are never forced to answer a very basic question that relates to how to reduce gun violence.

Debt Cliff

17 January 2013

Lets (again) do a hypothetical game of finding $1 Trillion that the US government decided to not pay out should congress decide not to increase the so called debt ceiling? Where to start? How about Social Security at about $830 Billion. You really want to take away money from little old ladies, your mom, and 100 million other people who depend on those checks? How about Medicare and Medicaid and the rest of the department of Health and Human Services at $870 Billion? Defense budget is only $690 Billion. That’s 2/3rds of the budget right there. Agriculture is $150 Billion, Veterans Affairs is $130 Billion, Transportation $85 Billion, Education $80 Billion, Homeland Security $60 Billion, State $55 Billion, and it keeps getting smaller from there.

I can imagine stuff at Defense on stuff that isn’t needed right away, farm subsidies that don’t need to be paid to highly profitable company, road and other infrastructure projects that can be delayed, the entire budget for congress since their not doing their job anyway, some border fences that don’t need to be built, some small business programs that can be shuttered for a while, those lavish government conferences that don’t need to be run, and maybe some other stuff that wouldn’t add up to very much. Maybe all of this might get me to $250 Billion, but a long way to go. So who to ruin? Children and families with cutting support for WIC, Food Stamps, and educational support? Veterans who honorably served their country and were wounded with cutting their healthcare? How about seniors, little old ladies, with cutting their income and taking away their healthcare too?

Tough isn’t it. But there is the rub, spending is so out of whack because there is so much to do. Sure we could cut here and there and maybe get half way to break even. But that still means lots more debt unless you raise more revenue. So if your not going to approve more debt then I think you have to raise revenue. Not doing either is a dereliction of duty for each and every one in congress that should put them all in prison.